A sample of review comments from Apple and Google Play stores, all with 5-star ratings:

"Great app. Vast amount of information available in an user friendly form. Handy, convenient and mobile information, no need to google, scan through textbooks or call colleagues in a panic over cases especially in the middle of the night! Great prompts even for the experienced vet. Indispensable for the ECC vet, but also to all vets, nurses, students and others in the profession." (Serafeliz, primary care vet with considerable ECC experience)

"A most excellent tool, a Pandoras box of all things ECC. A comprehensive guide on bread and butter ecc procedures to the more nitty gritty. The image gallery makes this stand out and will be most useful to have alongside you whilst on shift. It is a handbook in its own right. A one stop shop. I highly recommend this to any vet/rvn/vet tech and veterinary students. Well done Shailen! And thank-you." (AJ, primary care veterinary nurse with considerable ECC experience)

"ECC vet in your pocket ★★★★★

Wow what an amazing app. So much content at your fingertips covering all emergency situations. Love the CRI calculator, so quick and easy to use. Thank you Shailen for producing such a useful app!" (Tammy, primary care and referral veterinary nurse with considerable ECC experience)

"Fantastic pocket guide for emergency medicine! ★★★★★

Fantastic and very convenient pocket guide for anyone who sees emergency cases. Lots of useful information at the tips of your fingers. Great help for when you need a quick reminder on what to do or to refresh your memory when you have time to kill. It's like having a 5-minute consult book in an app! The calculator and formulary is great. The formulary is a little cumbersome as it needed an extra step to get to the dosages. Nevertheless, this is highly recommended as a vet in practice." (Kim, veterinarian - ECC Resident)

"This is a superb emergency and critical care diagnostic tool. The more you delve into the menu, the more delighted you become at the comprehensive, yet succinct information on display. The first of its kind, it has to be an essential for vets, student vets, RVN's and techs alike. It's like having an emergency and critical care handbook, with added calculators and a formulary to boot, in the palm of your hand. There is also a great little image gallery, displaying no less than 68 pictures, ranging from blood cell pathology and abnormal ECG traces through to diagnostic radiographic images and ultrasonography. Can't recommend enough. Another little gem from Shailen Jasani." (Jude, long-term primary care veterinary nurse)

"First opinion vet ★★★★★

Brilliant! Exactly what you need in the middle of the night or a weekend on call. I can see the paediatric section being especially useful and the CRI calculator will certainly be a god-send. The app has a logical format, is easy to use and practical tips are plentiful. Bring on the emergencies!" (Sarah, primary care veterinarian)

"A helpful companion on shift ★★★★★

Very handy app. Quicker to navigate than a book which is a bonus on a busy shift. The CRI calculator and the compendium are very useful features too. Good balance between compact format and the amount of information on each topic" (K_T vet)

"I LOVE this app ★★★★★

I cannot imagine being without this app now. No more lugging my ER book around, or worrying about digging through pages looking for information. This is a terrific app, and I highly recommend it. I'm not even an ER doc!" (Datredhed)

"Aladins Cave of ECC ★★★★★

When you realise how much is in this App it gets very exciting. A great all-in-one resource and exceptionally good value." (Jo, RVN Cert ECC)

"★★★★★You will not regret buying this. Very well done app!! Really a treasure chest for all things Emergency VetMed in Small Animals. Very easy to use, straight forward, fast answers. Very interesting picture gallery as well!"

A selection of review comments from elsewhere:

"Vetty friends: you need to download the Small Animal Emergency Medicine app from iTunes RIGHT NOW! It's amazing! It's got loads of information and tips on it, as well as photos and formularies and calculation tools. Plus you can use it offline. It's like having hundreds of ££ worth of textbooks on one app" (Mel on Facebook, primary care vet)

"Shailen, I just want to say your app is amazing, I hope you do well with it, I'm doing everything I can to promote it to colleagues and peers. Within 24hrs of buying it, had my first blocked cat in a while, and it really is excellent for jogging your memory and upping ones game...Please continue to keep making great apps, the content is definitive, authoritative, the dog's b******s! Waking up at 2am on call is a bit less scary now." (Doug, primary care veterinarian)

"I just got it. And had a quick look, so impressive!! Really really worthy!!! I am so excited to use it tonight at work!! 
Just download it!! Many Thanks And Nice app!! Good Job!" (Armiche on Facebook, primary care emergency vet)

"This hits the spot like nothing else...thank you!" (Alexandru on Facebook)

"I have nothing but praise for it. Succinct, user friendly and a wealth of knowledge; all that's missing is the user interface with my brain so it can guide my hands during those pesky aFAST scans and pericardiocenteses." (Catriona on Facebook, primary care veterinarian)


***NOW AVAILABLE***"A most excellent tool, a Pandoras box of all things ECC""ECC vet in your pocket ★★★★★""...

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